Month: October 2019

Principles of operation of VoIP telephony

The operation of VoIP telephony using the SIP protocol is based on the exchange of messages between the user and the service server in the client-server model. Users are defined as agents (UA – User Agent) both on the end device side and on the server side, but in the nomenclature related to the SIP […]

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Is protein really all you need

Many people, especially beginners, do not focus on eating properly and exercising according to the training plan, but they often immediately resort to protein steroids. This is not a good idea, because protein alone is not the solution to all the problems. Here’s everything you need to look your way. Training plan The first issue […]

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Manpupuner huge rock formations

They emerge from the ground like the fingers of a giant monster. There are seven of them in total. Where did they come from? This is not entirely clear. The rock formations of Manpupuner, also known as “Seven Strong Men”, are a set of seven giant stone pillars of varying shapes. They are located in […]

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